Railway freight tempered Wanted

For goods that have to be good and consistent temperature, the rail freight is the best and most cost effective transport. In special wagons, carriages so-called cooling, thermal wagons and other carriages tempered goods are transported safely and securely. If you are a company that works with a focus on customer satisfaction and quality, and are familiar with the carriage of goods and tempered, then you should present this.

Monitor your thermal wagons already online? And you can therefore sudden temperature rise and fall exclude that you monitor via screen that the temperature is stable? You know that not only food, but often medication, blood products and vaccines must be stored and transported at a certain temperature? Then enter the next through our site to companies that are looking for a logistics company or a company you like. Demonstrate your expertise and professionalism here and introduce yourself to others.

Hold for better monitoring and interim storage of refrigerated warehouses and container ready, so the beginning of tempered goods are always tempered consistently until the end? You know that certain principles must be adhered to so that the cold chain is interrupted in any case, otherwise the goods must be destroyed. It could result in high costs. Submit a complete offer to transport temperature controlled goods through our site you warrant that you definitely avoid damage and guaranteed. Share in this way are companies that urgently a contact as you need to consider yourself qualified and experienced in this sector.