Rail freight - an ancient method

Over 200 years ago, in 1835, the operation of passenger and freight railway was first recorded. Interestingly, the distance was between the tracks, so the so-called gauge as much as today. Developed the first steam locomotive to in 1804. A large, extensive rail network was built in hard work. When you consider that the precursor of a railroad in mining had their origin. In this commercial Loren were used which were run on wooden rails for the transport of materials. Later, horse-drawn trams were used, after all, already over a distance of about 30 km. These cars ran on iron rails, hence the name "Railroad".

Over the years and during the world wars changed again the name of the railway company, until it was left after the reunification in 1990 with the name "German Bahn AG". But despite the constant change of ownership or change of name and the long hard war the railway was held this adversity.

The emergence of the web of course, was quite revolutionary because people discovered how easy and convenient now even large and extremely heavy goods could be transported from one place to another. The strength and endurance of this impressed the population development and entrepreneurship enormous and inspired the people to the rapid expansion and the expansion of the rail network to even go to greater lengths. In addition to the sea carriage by rail is probably one of the oldest transportation in the world!

Initially there were only short distances, which were covered with low speeds of railways, but in the meantime reached the passenger trains and for freight transport at a speed of over 200 km / h, are capable of even large distances within Europe to deal with in a short time.

Advantages of rail freight:

Meanwhile, cars were already built, which have an enormous transport capacity. Thus, it is possible to transport large quantities (about 120 m3) over long distances. As a result, despite technical progress, despite a diverse and sophisticated air cargo transport, that is still a lot of goods are transported by rail freight. As an example list here that a covered wagon has a transport capacity of about three trucks. Too bulky and large pieces of freight are not a problem within the rail freight dar. Oversized items that are not allowed for the road to be transported by rail. To transport goods by rail freight is a proven cost-effective alternative, particularly when large amounts transported, to go heavy goods transport, bulk, liquid or gaseous substances to travel. Therefore, this way to transport goods still preferred.
Even the sophisticated schedules and their (mostly) accurate maintenance is another advantage that many companies like to use, since this gives a precise planning.

Due to the rapid and comprehensive development of the rail network, it is now possible to reach almost anywhere by train.

Railway companies:

The offer many railway companies refers to a high degree on a quick delivery of express shipments to complete execution of logistics for large companies, but smaller companies. Here you can find anyone who wants to ship goods in this way, the right partner for him. The railway companies use, sometimes in partnership with other logistics companies, other transportation options for example truck vehicles to bridge the distance from the loading station by the sender or the receiver. The logistics usually runs without any problems and to the complete satisfaction of all concerned.

Different goods or types of vehicles:

There are now very many different cars and rail vehicles, which are used individually to ensure a good quality and safe delivery of goods and commodities.

• The different cargo, which are loaded by hand or by persons of diverse cargo handling equipment, you usually transported by covered wagon or even containers.
• goods in large quantities or bulk materials are transported in special railway vehicles or in open wagons.
• Extra-produced this special vehicles used to transport motor vehicles or for other special transports.
• Very heavy and oversized goods that must be loaded by a crane, are usually transported in open wagons in flat cars or vans.
• For goods or goods that have to be shipped to constant temperatures, the use of refrigerated trucks, wagons or other special thermal wagons is required.
• The Intercity train (ICE) will vornehmend used for the transportation of express goods, since it is possible with this train to transport a shipment in the fastest way of an ICE train station to another in the shortest possible time. The transport costs as opposed to a use of a courier by car are considerably cheaper. In addition to delays, such as a traffic jam is avoided.

The "rolling road":

As a rolling road is known in professional circles transportation of cars and trucks that were loaded on to a train. Particular advantages are to be named here, that traffic problems (congestion) are avoided. Border wait times are significantly reduced and especially the drivers of the vehicles that are on the train to reach your destination rested and relaxed, so that a subsequent rapid Continued driving is especially noteworthy. These benefits are increasingly being used by most freight forwarding and logistics company.

Supply of railway companies or their respective logistics companies:

The offer many railway companies and / or logistics company, specializing in the field of rail freight in most cases includes a total package:

• transportation of goods and commodities in railway containers (this is especially true for the goods and wares on the go do not allow transhipment).
• A combination of all transportation (sea freight, air freight, road and rail). The client will receive an all-inclusive package.
• A comprehensive transport insurance in cooperation with all leading European insurance and acquisition of related administrative matters.
• clearance and settlement of freight transport (eg labeling of dangerous goods and all other goods, weighing and exhibition of all shipping documents).
• acquisition and organization of customs clearance.

This package allows for quick and easy transportation of goods and products throughout Europe and sometimes even beyond. Due to this fact, the rail freight has become indispensable in the logistics field, and "discuss" especially not gone to. Over such a long period of time, this system has proven itself and is still often used by numerous companies. This is a development that can claim no other mode of transport by itself.

Future can also be assumed that the development, maturation and improvement of rail freight heading into rapid steps. And that, despite delays or strikes!


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