Sea freight search

If you are a business that transports goods or goods by sea freight, then you are in the contract market right here! We list companies that professionally plan, organize and implement a sea freight. All customs formalities and technical matters are removed and taken from you. If you can offer our contract market, you provide a quality service, which includes everything that has to do with sea freight. This allows prospects and customers to use their time for their own business sense.

Whether food, such as honey, fruits or vegetables, pet food, or even cars to transport cargo by sea, you are a transport company or owner of a logistics company for one of these or even all areas. You are an expert and engaged in this business for many years, can, comprehensive and transparent advice. Professional shipments, appropriate packaging, customs clearance, document service, transport, insurance and much more are included in your offer.

Most trucking companies work as your in close cooperation with other logisticians together who specializes in truck cargo and / or freight train. Or all combinations from a single source, namely from your own. In any case, it is possible for you to provide a complete service that is customer oriented. A door-to-door service is your top priority. Present yourself and your company and tell others about our contract market that you can make an offer that is highly structured and organized by "A" to "Z". Freight transport by sea is for you, as a professional freight forwarder, a slight "play"!