Sea freight reefer search

Refrigerated containers or freezer containers are essential in the sea freight. For the carriage of certain foods, such as exotic fruits and vegetables from overseas, feed for animals and flowers must be transported chilled or frozen. In our contract market should you as a company that specializes in the transportation of refrigerated containers by sea freight, present, your cooperation offer for companies that are interested, because they have to transport goods or goods in refrigerated containers by sea freight,

Even for a company that in the promotion of products in the pharmaceutical sector operates, our contract market is certainly interesting, because you know that pharmaceutical products must be transported chilled often constant temperature or even refrigerated. So if you are a professional who transported long pharmaceutical products by sea freight, you should demonstrate your expertise in our contract market, others on how to deal professionally with the handling of refrigerated containers by sea freight. Customs procedures, organization of hubs, cooperation with other trucking companies, insurance policies, legal requirements and so pose no problem, but is a challenge that must be overcome.

Different size and recording volume, adequate temperature settings of the containers and the organization of transport are an essential part of your offer. But also professional advice, taking over all formalities and competent planning are included. Worldwide shipments of refrigerated containers via sea freight are carried out by you. Customers and prospects, with their concern that has to do with a transport of refrigerated containers by sea freight, with you in the best hands!