Truck cargo tank Wanted

Tank trucks are trucks with so-called tanks. Where most oil, gasoline, diesel or other liquid substances being transported. Even for the quite dangerous chemical transport trucks are used with tanks. If you are a director of a company that is familiar with trucks and cargo tanks, then you are on our side right. We offer companies the opportunity to present themselves and the many years of experience in the field of truck cargo tanks. Because of this type of transport a large expertise is required to address, especially with regard to statutory provisions, obligations and commandments. The drivers of these trucks must be specially trained and have an additional qualification. If you have this driver in your workforce, you are the right partner!

Can you provide as a company, freight forwarder and logistics, information about tanks and truck freight? Your bid is presented comprehensively and transparently? Insurance policies, identification of dangerous goods in case of need, evidence, customs documentation and other administrative matters, of course, be accepted and processed by your company? The transport of goods in tanks by truck freight is your daily runs by itself? If you can answer "yes" to all questions clearly, then you should pose to prospective customers on our website.

When you are clients who wish to transport liquid materials in tanks by truck freight can be sure in any case that you are the right person with your "crew". A corresponding fleet is of course included. Take advantage of our side the chance to present yourself and your skills and to make available to the market. People like you are needed!