Truck transport dangerous goods Wanted

As a reputable company you know that you have to deal carefully and pay particular attention by truck transport with the transport of dangerous goods. Are you currently working in the industry, you are a freight forwarder, which transports dangerous goods by road transport? Then you should read on, because here in the contract market should companies, freight forwarders and logistics companies that have specialized in the transport of dangerous goods by road transport present themselves and make their offerings available to others. They can serve as a professional partner who not only holds the necessary vehicles, but also with the regulations and conditions, which requires a transport of dangerous goods by road transport and competently deal with it.

You know that the vehicles carrying dangerous goods must be labeled accordingly by means of a danger board and / or a slip hazard. With you as a seasoned entrepreneur secured transport of dangerous goods is guaranteed. Make contact with a covering offer, which includes everything from insurance and certificates through to route planning, possibly customs clearance and other administrative matters. Advise interested customers comprehensive and transparent. So you can demonstrate your expertise here in our contract market and implement.

To be allowed to carry dangerous goods, drivers must complete special training. The final examination is repeated every five years, so it is also ensured that the drivers are always up to date. For a transport of dangerous goods requires special attention, diligence, special knowledge and a trained behavior in an accident. They have exclusively employed drivers who have this training and can quite safely offer the transport of dangerous goods by road transport and represent prospective buyers.