New fine list for Italy

Who in Europe is on the road with his vehicle should inform themselves of the current where applicable traffic regulations and penalties.

The ADAC has put together a new updated list of fines in the most important destinations. For example, in Italy, a speed limit on divorce Tung of more than 50 km / h is punishable by a minimum 530 euros - that's according to the ADAC 30 euros more than last year. When crossing a red light at least 170 euros are due. At night (22 to 7 clock) can increase the fines by a third. In certain serious traffic violations threatens not only the retention of the license, but may also imprisonment, the ADAC on.

Our leaders in the fine treble continue the Scandinavian countries. Especially in Norway, it can be quite expensive: There must motorist, the 20 km / h is too fast, expect a fine of not less than 480 euros.

Another tip of the ADAC: Who pays the fine immediately or promptly can expect significant discounts. In Italy only the minimum penance is due if paid within 60 days, in France, the penance reduced if paid within 15 days. In Greece, pay traffic offenders by half, if payment is made within 10 days - this is also in Spain for a payment within 20 days.

What many drivers do not know: Unpaid fines from the other 26 EU countries can also be enforced in this country. However, the fine must be at least 70 charges including procedures euros. Provides an entry point in Flensburg Transport Register is not for traffic offenses abroad.


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