Freight Exchange test

The Freight Exchange in version 4 is displayed in full screen mode on the screen. This is a life system and requires a permanent internet connection. It is clearly structured in the building and on the home page, you can already set cargo, cargo search, volume set, volume search. Underneath is a Hinged box with the additional options is to show your history. Other options are listed in my offers, payments, quotes, forum, companies and people search, review, state of the communication and the assistance. Highlight in the freight exchange system the integrated Messenger for communication among users of the Trans, and the customer service is the law was placed on the screen. This alone will be enormous costs incurred phone users to save and to the Messenger, even small attachments are sent directly. In Messenger, you can maintain your popularity lists, and save for certain sorted criteria. The sent and received call user data is stored and can be viewed in the call history even after months. This saves on possible inconsistencies between the. Set the cargo and the cargo which has adopted, as the evidence in the Messenger were indeed saved For the integrated assessment system for users of the freight exchange I will unfortunately not go into further, as each rating system is easily manipulated and can not distinguish right from wrong. Set at the points in the operation of cargo and cargo spaces look I could also see any professional input form for the user, as with other freight exchanges. This input form should be clear according to the specifications of the cargo can be specified exactly, so that any user can immediately see everything. And not only in Messenger or by telephone must bring the entire specified information relating to transport, because that takes a lot of time and also the nerves no longer in the job today has. The main thing missing in our offer multiple selection on the structure of the vehicle and the fixed dates for loading and unloading. Even all kinds of construction vehicles are missing or were there simply to deposit forget. Since almost every type of goods loadable in various vehicle combinations, the user of these freight exchange has several freight offers Enter to reach the other vehicle combinations. Unfortunately, this is not just the case here, but in other freight exchanges exactly, although that can be programmed and implemented very quickly. The same problem applies here also hold looking at the freight exchange. In the German newspaper circulation or called DVZ the alleged real transport barometer is fed with data loading and loading of the freight exchange Timocom. Anyone who has only a little of what this idea knows the data from the advertised load or no load space and not even begin to represent the reality of the local transport market. These statistics are based on arbitrary assumptions and are not to be used completely.


My Positive assessment of the Freight Exchange
Presentation in full screen
personal data in the account of cost incl bills
Messenger including recording of calls and automatic translation into the local language
Area search and filter options
History offers placed my
Integrated Local Search by postal code create in offering
Companies and people database
Representation of the route on maps
Easy to use in the operation and availability
Very friendly helpful and competent staff in customer service

My negative assessment of the Freight Exchange
No multi-select the type of vehicle and construction possible
Lack of structure types
Missing requirements such as loading and unloading date fixed
No calculation of the route, mileage and other expenses such as tolls for example. Bridge and tunnel tolls between the loading and unloading the freight offers

All in all it is a Recommended Freight Exchange with much increased potential if a little is filed on the system.


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