Truck transport

The transport logistics by truck is a trade that has existed for many, many years and is, since there is such vehicles operated successfully. Trucks are considered commercial vehicles, with which you can safely transport goods and merchandise. There are a wide variety of vehicles of this type and also structures. Also there are different sizes with load capacity, small vans, trolleys and even now already taxi transportation are included.


Truck freight - nothing easier than

No question for us today is to convey something, there are different options. Depending on what, how much, how much and how heavy the goods or commodities, different possibilities are available. A move from A to B can often be done in-house with a van. Size technically this is not enough, choose a truck up to 7,5 t. Bigger is of course - it drive different trucks around on our streets and highways, to bring the goods to their destination.


New fine list for Italy

Who in Europe is on the road with his vehicle should inform themselves of the current where applicable traffic regulations and penalties.


Freight Exchange test

The Freight Exchange in version 4 is displayed in full screen mode on the screen. This is a life system and requires a permanent internet connection. It is clearly structured in the building and on the home page, you can already set cargo, cargo search, volume set, volume search.