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You might have production plants and warehouses to rent or even sell? Then stay with us, because in our contract logistics and transport market are people like you who appropriate property to rent, lease or have to sell searched. Here you can offer your property, of whatever kind, all around the theme of logistics. Of office space over cargo handling facilities to storage areas. All sizes and variations. Introduce yourself and your property before.

For real estate in the area of logistics and forwarding, the conditions are very important. Size, height of ceilings, insulations, such as the nature and above all, as a first priority, the position and location. The property must be easily accessible and easily. Centrally located and not hidden somewhere where no one hinfindet or only after long travel times. The property you are offering in our contract logistics and transport market, located in a prime, central location. Can provide advice, short-term viewing appointments. Thus, interested parties can quickly get an idea whether the respective property of it ever comes into question and the demands. You are an expert in this area, can answer all questions promptly.

If you for example have a suitable envelope spacious hall in the offer, then you should present here, for just cargo handling facilities require certain features, many goals are needed to shorten the working paths. Particularly in logistics, freight forwarders in the work must be done quickly and swiftly. As long distances are enormous disadvantage. If you can provide a handling facility with all the necessary conditions, whether for rent or sale, you should offer the contract market our transport and logistics. You will encounter numerous interested parties.