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Production facilities are usually constructed at ground level to minimize transport distances within the production hall. This is a big advantage. All machines and production elements are distributed over a large area, without disturbing many walls or columns. If these characteristics match a production hall, which you have for sale, then please keep it on our side, because here in our contract logistics and transport market suitable production facilities are desperately looking for. Seller of production halls throughout Germany offer their production halls. Rows in and help you businesses that are looking for a suitable production hall, to your happiness!. Your offer is of course fair and reputable.

The special feature of good production facilities, the supply lines, the hall must have a corresponding way. All production machines with power, light, heat, air, air, electronics telecommunications, compressed air, possibly to supply gases and oils, many lines are necessary. If the production facilities that you offer here are equipped with all the necessary cables or can be easily extended with these, then you can offer to our contract logistics and transport market like this. If you are an experienced supplier of production facilities, which in the region is very familiar and can comprehensively and extensively advise and educate yourself, you should present your offer unconditional here.

With the support of our contract logistics and transport market to avoid lengthy searches and tough negotiations. You as an expert come to the point quickly and strive for a quick and smooth sale. All papers, all important details are immediately displayed and explained. They thus enable a quick start of production for companies that have acquired a production hall from you. Seller, as you are needed here!