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The management is the heart of a freight forwarding company, a logistics company. At the office all administrative matters are dealt with properly aware. Thus, the management of company can work well, the employees can work effectively, office space will be used, which provides enough space for keeping staff. If you have office space to rent, lease or sale, you should remain in our contract logistics and transport market and present themselves here, as are constantly looking for suitable office space.

Are you also of the opinion that office space for logistics should be as close as possible to the action? The location of the office space is extremely important. If you have office space on offer, with location in the port, the train station or similar hubs? The location of your office space allows persons responsible as quickly as possible to be there, or if there are delays in the worst case problems. So these people can quickly obtain an overview to make quick decisions or to take appropriate action. Especially in this business is quick action required. Long and tortuous journeys generate unnecessary stress and delays. The office space that you have to offer here, are an ideal location, close to the "crime scene", have in addition to all technical and geographical advantages, also a beautiful view, for example through the port, the train station or airport.

In our contract market transport and logistics offices are searched in all sizes. Even if the staff needs to be increased so that all orders can still be processed successfully and on time, appropriate office space are required. No matter what region you come from and what region you are offering your office space, you take the chance and make your offer on our contract logistics and transport market available!