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In our contract market transportation and logistics providers and seekers to meet for real estate in the area of logistics. Whether warehouses, storage areas, logistics centers, manufacturing facilities, intermediate stations for goods and commodities, or just plain office space in this area, it's all here. If you can check a property, or even offer, you should register quickly here and record. To increase your chance to solve in a simple way and within a short time your problem. In addition, there is the advantage for you that all participants know what it is, what matters in this real estate business. Here you need to explain much anyone, much clears up by itself

Especially in the transport of particular goods, ie goods that under certain conditions, for example, cooled, it depends on appropriate property. The goods must be properly stored. This is often the case when multiple transport options are combined. A logistics property used for the storage, distribution and order picking of goods and commodities. Are required for certain circumstances. Cargo handling facilities, for example, serve as temporary storage, and find their use mostly in the combination of long-distance and local transport. The goods must be unloaded quickly. Therefore, there are often many goals in cargo handling facilities to ensure that the paths are kept short.

But regardless of whether you are looking for distribution, warehouses, special bearings or other property, or which have on offer in our contract logistics and transport market you are guaranteed to find a suitable property or going even your property. Also office space for logistics are listed here. For this the site is often relevant. For a good implementation and organization of transportation you should be close to the action. Then you have the big picture!