Logistics real estate

Interestingly, logistics properties in the market economy clearly on the rise! The demand has now risen tremendously due to the economic situation. Logistics properties are well established in the real estate industry and many real estate agents who specialize in this area and are available with expertise and advice and support available. Especially very large logistics property in the order of 10,000 m2 and more even attract the interest of investors. Distribution logistics is often already organized transnationally and where once certain conditions had to be considered , apply today worldwide or at least in Europe , the same conditions . Are particularly interesting , as mentioned above, logistics properties with a size of 10,000 m2 and more , with a rather low proportion of offices , homes, are not subject to noise regulations and can be taken at 7 days in operation.

If you are involved in logistics, then logistics properties are essential. Only with appropriate property allows all processes within the logistics handled easily. Goods and goods must be stored properly and appropriately . Even in the case of temporary storage of goods in transit a logistics property must be designed so that the goods can be transhipped . Forklifts, hoists , and other storage aids must have enough space available to be ranked accordingly.

For many , many years , there are logistics properties. Today we speak of warehouses, manufacturing plants and cargo handling facilities , for example. Previously there were barns , old houses, supernatants . Where goods and goods were simply stacked and housed to protect them from the weather. Nowadays certain products , goods, or goods are sometimes even stored under specific temperature conditions for the shelf life of some products is of great importance . On pallets, crates, boxes , in rolls, in containers or other loading equipment bundled goods are stored .

Common types of logistics properties :

• Special Camp

• cargo handling facilities

• distribution warehouses

• Warehouses

What is special camp ?

Special bearings to meet certain functions, such as cold storage , storage of goods, which shall in no case with water ( rain), come into contact , but also dangerous goods warehouse for hazardous goods . These must be designed and built under certain legal requirements. Guidelines and policies must be strictly adhered to . When construction of cold storage facilities must be considered that an unnecessary loss of cold air is avoided. Therefore we find in these few gates.

Cold storage must be provided with the necessary equipment , as certain temperatures must be maintained not only achieved in the warehouses , but also receive . Products that may be stored refrigerated, otherwise even completely unusable under certain circumstances and there is a great deal of damage , the high costs . Vaccines and other drugs are mentioned here. But also food and flowers are included.

Cargo handling facilities :

Cargo handling facilities are for goods and goods that have to be stored for a short time . For example, goods and goods that were transported by air freight and must be taken from the airport to the receiver by truck freight. Thus, the ways of working in cargo handling facilities , also called "cross docks " as short as possible , cargo handling facilities are equipped with the very gates. Thus, the loading aids come from all sides to the goods being .

Distribution warehouses :

Distribution warehouses are to be understood as a combination of warehouse and order picking. There goods and goods are distributed according to the further course . These halls are very high and wide the gates of distribution warehouses are very high, because in such halls , a large number of pallets is housed .

High-bay warehouse:

In high- bay warehouse is strictly by large silos . These are very high, for example 25 m and more , and also serve as a deposit. The term " mixing tower " is often used for high -bay warehouse. There are grains in suspension , for example silo storage as well as goods grouped on pallets , in order to be transported further.


Warehouses are ordinary halls where goods and items housed , stored, and / or are also stored . They are usually built very high, so that the goods can be stacked .

What to consider ?

Logistics companies are looking for suitable property should seek professional advice before well of real estate agents who specialize in the field of logistics real estate . There's stuff to consider before buying or renting :

• Important as is the right location . It is recommended that the property is located close to the site of the incident , near the railway station , the airport or the port. Thus, the Umladewege are short and costs are saved accordingly. Of course, the location should be traffic- favorable, easy to find and easy to reach.

• The size of the property is an important part of logistics .

• To most important here is the lease or the lease term. Especially in the field of logistics service contracts are often related to a specific period .

But this and other information are detailed in a consultation and transparent.

Additional logistics property :

In addition to the known and logistics properties above , there are of course other ways:

• Suitable office space or office space

• manufacturing or production halls

Office space / office space for the logistics sector :

The choice of office space or office space is of great importance. There must be enough space for all employees. In particular, the management should be housed in a spacious office , as customers visit in the logistics business on the agenda . Meetings, conferences, meetings and other events should be possible. Offices of the Board are to be regarded as a figurehead . Customers should feel comfortable and the atmosphere should exude a certain professionalism.

Again, the location is crucial. It should be possible for all persons involved to be able to be on site quickly . Assess what is happening and may be able to make quick decisions or to act in this business is of utmost importance. Goods and goods must be examined to some extent.

Everything that employees need of equipment must have its place . Filing cabinets , computers, printers , and monitors must be placed properly and workplace needs.

Only a company with sufficient office space can work well .

Manufacturing / production facilities :

In the choice of manufacturing and production facilities is an important aspect of good transport links . Employees and suppliers should be able to reach the respective facility or hall without problems and in a simple way . Also for customers who want an overview once to is a good connection of advantage . Ample parking is also of great importance.

Furthermore , make sure that the manufacturing facility is equipped with all the necessary technical equipment. A sufficient electricity and other energy supply must be ensured for all machines that are needed for the production must be supplied .

Production halls are ideal or premises that may be entered at 24 hours a day and the tenant must . But this is only one aspect that must be considered when this is a rental property. The main reason for such an "all- the-clock use " is of course the location with respect to any residents .

In this type of logistics property but is certainly the most important thing that all safety standards are met . This is a statutory provision , without which a facility or hall must not be put into operation. When it comes to an accident , is controlled by strict guidelines that all safety regulations are followed and that the appropriate security standards exist at all . If they are not adhered to this , may have high costs , or damages for pain and suffering , come to the tenant or owner . Also penalties such as fines are imposed .

Logistics centers - all logistics facilities under one roof!

Through the use of separate logistic real estate of the entire logistics process is equalized and thus can be performed optimally . Therefore, it is advisable to warehouses, manufacturing plants and offices to accommodate in separate buildings. This should be taken into account as a logistics company in the selection of properties in each case.

Whole logistics centers are being built today , where you will find all properties that are required for a logistics company of a certain size . Of office space through to the warehouse each property has its place . Thus, a whole supply chain is present and the procedure takes place in one location , under one roof , so to speak , instead . All operations can be optimally monitored and controlled in a logistic center . All documents , including bills of lading, customs documents , bills of lading , invoices, etc. are created and placed ready by the employees of a logistics center . Even the loading and onward there are planned and implemented. From a logistics center of commodities and goods forwarded directly to stations , airports and seaports. A large logistics center handles huge volumes of goods per day. Several tons are processed and transported here .

The special feature of logistics centers is the fact that not only purchased goods and goods are processed for transport, but also products of own production . Company-owned and used vehicles are used for transport. However, goods and goods are only handled in a logistics center, but not stored . A logistics center is an ideal compilation of logistics real estate, but should be used or selected only by large logistics companies with sufficient volume of orders , otherwise this investment will not pay , of course .

It can be concluded that enjoy logistics properties and their marketing more and more popular . There are now right in the logistics real estate experts , the prospective professional and comprehensive advice and information . Use this advice can be acquired and leased logistics facilities that meet all requirements and logistical support processes outstanding in every way. Is is advisable to contact a reputable and experienced real estate agent for logistics real estate to the purchase or rental runs without problems . These professionals know their stuff and know what to look for . All logistics properties are offered depending on the size , location and use, and can be visited any time by appointment.


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