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If you can offer a professional and comprehensive legal services to businesses includes everything from the logistics and freight forwarding company in every respect, then you should present themselves necessarily on our contract market transportation and logistics, because here are experts, like you, many years of experience can look back superbly in logistics or shipping law, urgently sought. It is of paramount importance that companies operating in the Spedtions-or logistics, is well versed in the necessary jurisdiction. Even companies that trade in certain goods or property, and entrust to transport freight forwarders, need good advice in legal matters.

Freight law, compensation, international aviation agreements, international shipping agreement, Maritime Law, Commercial Law, Hamburg Rules (HGB) are just some of the terms that you are of course familiar. You, as a legal consultant for logistics and freight forwarding are also fully informed and savvy. With your support, damage can be avoided, companies are best assured if there is damage to the goods. A mishap happened quickly, in brief high costs. Avoid this where you make up in time with one of the companies examined here and discuss this in detail.

Especially with high-quality goods or products, such as from the pharmaceutical field, it is important to hedge accordingly. If these products are damaged by improper storage or drops in temperature, results in extremely high costs, since, for example, vaccines have very high production costs. But you are on the side of logistics and freight forwarders to ensure the safe side. Offer you our contract logistics and transport market your help and expertise in logistics and haulage rights to!