Logistics forwarder car insurance search

Are you active in the car insurance industry and you know that logistics and freight forwarding companies are exposed to great risks? Above all, the fleet of such a company should be fully hedged. Fast it can happen that an accident happens on a transport on the highway or country road. If you are familiar with the car insurance for freight forwarders and logistics companies, then you should present themselves in our contract logistics and transport market. Here are professional automotive insurance consultants who can list all the pros and cons for a consultation you very much in demand as an expert to provide optimal and above all transparent insurance concepts.

The cut to the respective insurance company blocks access both nationally and internationally, even globally. You also provide information on individual insurance packages, as it is recommended to insure according to the vehicle fleet. What insurance coverage is the right one? What does this? What types of trucks owned by the company? What structures are used? If containers are used, they are insured? These and other questions, you can clear them with your prospects and discuss, because you have the necessary skills and are able to communicate transparently.

Important is the assurance of dangerous cargo by truck. Often, of course, thereby increasing the sum insured by 10% to 20%. If you stand in our contract logistics and transport market as an insurance consultant, you can help others to find their way in the jungle insurance. Especially when it comes to insurance for dangerous goods vehicles. Perhaps you have even specialized. Provide us about your professional support and provide logistics and freight forwarding companies with the required car insurance.