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Are you an expert in the field of marine insurance? They know that despite the best transport organization and planning include many risks against which a logistics company or a freight forwarder must be absolutely secure. Accidents on motorways or country roads, plane crashes, ship sinking here are the worst cases that can occur. For a freight charge would be completely lost and a great property damage, which would result in high costs, here is the result. Especially for large freight forwarders or logistics, working not only in Germany but also in Europe or even worldwide, the shipping insurance must be valid across borders. If you are familiar with it and can provide a comprehensive range of logistics and transportation insurance for freight forwarders, then you should present themselves in our contract logistics and transport market.

Transport insurance is important in that it comprehensively protect, not only in case of accident, but also in case of theft, vandalism, lightning, storms, loss and other incidents. You should explain and present, so that logistics and freight forwarding companies that fact in mind when taking out a transport insurance necessarily in a consultation. Get out the optimum transport insurance for businesses.

In order to avoid unnecessary disputes in court, it secures for a logistics company or a shipping on all transport routes. So in the end, but even if it leads to problems within a transport, not to deny responsibility or liability. Take your knowledge from a concern to the shippers and logistics companies no longer have to worry about it. With you as a professional consultant in the transport insurance on shipments can go wrong anymore. They offer technical advice and support companies who need your support to help!