You have their transport costs under control?

The transport and logistics industry has become far more sophisticated in the past, and here the focus was mainly on the logistics sector. The transport was largely or only sparsely observed, the tenor was "can go from A to B every". But that is no longer true today. Especially the transport is now the area where the money is lost. The classic long-distance traffic, as it was operated by most trucking companies, is now influenced by many factors, such as high fixed costs, strict working time controls the drivers, freight stagnating for years, and ever-increasing competition from Eastern European countries. Here one can only with an intelligent disposition and an even closer customer loyalty by niche businesses are operated and expanded counteract.

In essence it means to minimize transportation costs and optimized by:

    Constantly monitoring the market in order to identify vulnerabilities quickly and completely
    Find efficient solutions for the transport chain
    Optimize the forwarding service

A comparison of transport costs with standard market rates and shipping costs is as indispensable as a potential determination for the service providers and developing new distribution - and procurement strategies that are optimally adapted to the respective companies.

Next training of staff using the correct reading of "forwarding rates and offers" is as important as the optimal choice and combination of modes for each asset. Auditing for accuracy and a permanent benchmark, efficient and fully formulate tenders for transport service providers to achieve the right service provider and to measure their potentials, to the complete outsourcing of logistics services and transport, which do not fit into his own concept.

Rationalization reserves must be discovered in order to develop viable conservation models and exploit synergies.

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