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Freight Exchange what's that? What can you achieve with a Freight Exchange? Meanwhile, already include freight exchanges of everyday life for trucking companies and freight carriers and are not indispensable. If one looks at the definition in Wikipedia the term "freight exchange" itself and freight exchanges will be explained, you get an interesting and detailed descriptions and useful information to make the system understandable. This new type of tendering platform is enjoying great popularity ever since. Orders can be offered quickly and easily on these platforms or even accepted. It is more or less a marketplace where supply and demand meet. This gives rise to only short-term business relationships. On the Internet there are many platforms that basically differ only by details. The current freight exchanges is the market leader Timocom or Truck Cargo Freight Exchange and is the largest freight exchange, freight exchanges when you look at all in comparison. Leader is not a quality service as a freight exchange, but only describes the ratio of current members and also gives no indication of the charges or open cargo spaces available again. Available charges or loading are to be achieved by the user in the system offers several times for better results, this is in each case one and the same load or cargo space. The Freight Exchange operators advertise very happy with the virtual charges around the statistics to beautiful.

But there are many companies who see a risk in freight exchanges. The entrepreneurs who do not think positively about such platforms, justify their concerns with the risk of price dumping. Freight exchanges make freight, cargo holds and prices transparent, and should not anyone agree with the offered price, even it is still possible to negotiate later. However, it is to be noted here that all contracts and prices will naturally not be discussed with the respective freight exchange, but with the client and complete.

Certainly be found in every industry, "black sheep", for example, have them disappear freight and / or have a poor payment record. But a good freight exchange works by other means, as these are from some specific requirements to be met by the company in order to avoid the inclusion of a possibly "black sheep". For example, the company must demonstrate that it is at least 6 months working as a carrier. In addition, certain documents may be requested as the business registration, trade register extract, letterhead and these are checked. Only if it appears that the company has "a clean slate", then the record is approved.

Freight Exchange as an economic indicator

The Internet is an indispensable element, the connection is always faster, because globalization and a faster and easier order processing required this. So it turned out that freight exchanges have emerged because of these platforms, many shops are now settled. Since both the market movement as well as the market volume is partly visible in freight exchange, freight exchanges are only partially be seen as a positive economic indicator. Because of modern technology, it is possible for example to calculate data in real time and view, for example, dispatchers can thus calculate their exact disposition and react especially quickly to price fluctuations. Unnecessary costs are saved, unused capacity can be optimally utilized and the acquisition of new customers is much simpler because you can reach a well-structured freight exchange a large mass of interested parties. The market prices can be determined better and more efficient freight exchanges.

What types of freight exchanges are there?

There are different freight exchanges, currently 113,000 freight exchanges, divided into categories, such as freight exchange for courier, freight exchange carrier, freight exchange trucks, freight exchange air freight, freight exchange car or Freight Exchange Auto Transport, Freight Exchange inland, Freight Exchange Transport, Freight Exchange rink and many more.

Freight exchange for couriers:

If you search the Internet for freight exchange for couriers or courier services, you get a wide variety of proposals. However, the largest and most famous freight exchanges are as follows:

· Freight Exchange Couriernet: The Freight Exchange is a popular and professional platform for courier services of all kinds
· The freight exchange box 24 is also a great platform that offers courier services throughout Europe.
· The Neufra freight exchange offers freight forwarding and courier services sectors also regarded as a reliable and competent Freight Exchange developed.

There will also be offered free freight exchange for courier services, whereby one should first find out exactly if and how these are serious and reliable.

Freight exchanges in Germany:

In many cities, good freight exchanges are available: Freight Exchange of Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Munich, in the beautiful state of Bavaria and many other cities and states. In addition to freight exchanges, where you must register and pay, there are now already freight exchanges without registration and also freight exchanges in Germany, which are free. About the AVM freight exchange, it is possible to successfully gain access to reputable and free freight exchange. There are all freight exchanges, whether free or not, accessible via a link. The following are some of the most respected freight exchanges are listed below:

· The Freight Exchange DPD is for example a large and competent cargo portal and offers numerous calls for local and long-distance transport (see frachtenbö
· The freight exchange DHL is also regarded as a prestigious freight exchange, an offshoot of the German postal freight exchange.
· The AAT freight exchange offers all-round grain shipments to and is considered one of the best freight exchange for grain.
· Hermes Freight Exchange.
· Freight Exchange Otto
· UPS Freight Exchange
· Lars and Peter Kuhn Kruegel GbR, a freight exchange based in Nempitz is very well known, especially in the freight forwarding industry and viewed.
· Freight Exchange RAG-sale is also known and has been successfully established.
· The most common freight exchange for trucks, which can be found online, is the Walter truck freight exchange, including a well-attended forum in which you receive useful information around the topic Freight Exchange for trucks.

Worth mentioning here is not that the freight exchanges listed above do not have their registered office in Germany, but also act in Europe.

Freight exchanges in Europe and the world:

The model consists freight exchange now through Europe and even worldwide. International freight exchanges are including in Switzerland, many English freight exchanges from England, Denmark, Holland or the Netherlands, Italian freight exchanges from Italy, France, some Hungarian freight exchanges from the little country Hungary, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain to find. But freight exchanges of Eastern Europe, such as Poland freight exchanges from Poland, Romanian freight exchanges from Romania, and even Russian freight exchanges from Russia can be found on the internet before numerous. Even in United States freight exchanges are known. As the largest freight exchange across Europe include, but is known Noli's freight exchange, which for 10 years has a firm place on the freight exchange market.

Freight Exchange - the girl for everything?

The system is a Freight Exchange has prevailed enormous. There are freight exchanges for everything you can think of. Some freight exchanges have a general offer available, others specialize in certain types of transport vehicles, freight and goods. For example:

· Freight exchanges for trucks (No. 1 is the truck online freight exchange)
· Freight exchanges for tippers
· Freight exchanges for low loader
· Freight exchanges for inland navigation
· Container freight exchange
· Freight exchanges to 3.5 t
· Freight exchanges for Car Transportation
· Freight exchanges for Cargo
· Cargo exchange for building materials
· Freight exchanges for vans
· Cargo exchange for refrigerated transport
· Freight Exchange of cargo space agency
· Freight exchanges for furniture
· Freight exchanges for Sprinter
· Freight exchanges for silo
· Freight exchanges for sea freight
· Freight exchanges for Shipping
· Freight exchanges for Removals
· Freight exchanges for shippers
· Freight exchanges for livestock
· Freight Exchange for wood (for timber transportation other structures are necessary, so you should specifically access a freight exchange for wood)
· Freight exchanges for roundwood (including for this purpose a special handling is required)
· Freight Exchange mydriver - an established freight exchange around the topic Limousine service (providing chauffeurs transfer for fairs and airports)
· Freight exchanges for Express Delivery (leader: OWL Express GmbH)

The European freight exchange GmbH has specialized in large trucking companies with multiple offices and made a name in this field. With future-oriented solution proposals and software in 23 languages, the company is headquartered in Wroclaw and a German office in Berlin has been working successfully in this market. As the market leader in Eastern Europe offers GmbH naturally transports from Eastern to Western Europe, but also within the EU.

Attention be paid to the Freight Exchange 3000, specifically Trans Aktuell 3000, a prestigious and successful freight exchange with an extensive range. The easy handling and triage distinguishes these freight exchange.

Freight Exchange what is the best?

This question is not so easy to answer. Freight Exchange what is best for one, certainly it always depends on what type of goods, cargo, vehicles, etc. it is. Also, the prices of freight exchanges vary. Where there are even free freight exchange with free registration. Before you want to log on to a freight exchange, it is recommended to look at freight exchanges in the test. Also, a look at a cargo worth Frachtenbö blog with detailed reports on new developments in the market, mergers, laws, and everything related to it.

Even freight exchanges for individuals are offered on the internet. There, individuals can seek offers for transport of all kinds This type of Freight Exchange is becoming more and more popular.

A good option is safe and clear view of the There you will find the best and most importantly an appropriate freight exchanges for themselves as entrepreneurs.


Of course, there are reputable freight exchanges that show their offers on the Internet for many years, for example:

Tele route:

When you consider that even a large company, as the company Dachser, which describes itself as a leading logistics service provider in Europe for over 20 years using the Freight Exchange tele route and is expressed exclusively positive about the use of a large freight exchange, then freight exchanges on any display case as a future-oriented, but also in the past as a competent and professional. Because of this long connection should companies that speak out against freight exchanges, consider the system from a different angle.


Anyone interested in freight exchanges, it should not fail to take a look at the Freight Exchange elf. As an electronic freight purchasing this market is characterized by a wide range.

Raal Trans:

Another freight exchange, which has attracted the interest of many companies, the freight transport market Raal, Bill of exchange, which can look back on over 20 years of experience. With headquarters in the Czech Republic this market is one of the leading information provider in the whole of Europe, not only in Eastern Europe.

Freight Exchange Transporeon:

Transporeon bills itself as "The empty trips avoiders". The term is self-explanatory empty trips still cost (for example, tolls, fuel, etc.). Transporeon offers supplements for existing routes, so that it can be done immediately following the next transport. This makes these freight exchange for transport companies extremely popular, because this system has proven to be so successful and unnecessary costs avoided. Also a route optimization and reducing waiting times by improving the planning and performance of these deals are fair.

Freight Exchange ThyssenKrupp:

This Freight Exchange is the giant among the freight exchanges and logistics companies a popular place to successfully participate in lucrative freight cargo auctions or tenders. Furthermore, this market offers a payroll service. Due to the popularity of the company and the long-time inventory the freight exchange ThyssenKrupp is used preferably of large logistics service providers.

Almost every day on the Internet new freight exchanges. To create a new freight exchange is not a difficult task thanks to the advancing technology using specific software offers. Through good and informative posts in forums you can get useful tips and also looking for suppliers who can advise in detail.


If the development of freight exchanges and their benefits you look at turns in the end, the question of why there are some enemies? Surely it depends on the particular freight exchange that you want to use. It is advisable in any case, to contact reputed and well known freight exchanges that are already on the market for many years and have appropriate references.

It can be concluded that the use of freight exchanges no "emotional issue" more is suitable for most transport or logistics companies, but on the contrary is viewed as an integral component. Meanwhile, companies have learned to deal with it and use them effectively for themselves.


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