Contract Logistics

With whom do I start the project?

With the term contract logistics long-term, labor and cooperation between producers of goods and a logistics service provider is called, which is understood in the context of supply chain management, governed by a service contract designated as a contract and includes a significant volume of business and individual to the service package on logistical and logistics-related tasks will be adjusted along the value chain. Sure to find the right partner is not always easy. There are various specialists on the market, the best all understand their craft, but who is just right for your project? Contract market transportation and logistics helps you to find exactly this partner. The contract market filters to your exact specifications in advance, the company get out, meet your guidelines. This means for you, saving time and full concentration on logistics service providers who meet your exact requirements. Why is every reason to make your bid on the contract of transportation BBHandel platform.

What is contract logistics?

The characteristics of the contract logistics are usually in a long-term contractual hedging relationship with a specified minimum volume of business. The significant volume of business for contract logistics services be at least one order of 0.5 to 1.0 million € p. Others, which may occasionally be smaller projects in strategically important business. The project volumes are generally very heterogeneous and may, in exceptional cases, several hundred million euros or more include. In contract logistics, which is based on a cooperative relationship, the associated rights and obligations of both parties are fixed by a written contract. Here, the term of logistics services plays a crucial role and is usually between 3-5 years. Other features include the integration of multiple logistics services and a high degree of customization of the service package.It is in the contract logistics benefits which include not only logistics base services such as transportation, handling or storage, but include other logistics functions with increased complexity and problem solving skills, such as tracking, order processing, order picking for promotions, assembly work to quality tests, with the aim to achieve an added value for the customer. Therefore, the benefits will be adjusted to the individual needs of each client. This integrated were heavily based on the value chain of the contract dealer and does not by the degree of individualization in the short term interchangeably.

When one speaks of the contract logistics business in the most demanding logistics services, due to the high requirements placed on the contract giver and service providers, especially in the phase of project initiation and implementation. However, the contract logistics represents a significant market potential with a high growth rate, indicating a promising field for logistics service providers. This benefits in particular the freight forwarding and logistics company specializing in industry-specific solutions and, accordingly, distribution centers (multi-user center) and transportation networks have. Especially small and medium enterprises benefit from the contract logistics, because the service providers are very flexible and can offer customized logistics systems.


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