Contract Logistics

With the term contract logistics long-term, labor and cooperation between producers of goods and a logistics service provider is called, which is understood in the context of supply chain management, governed by a service contract designated as a contract and includes a significant volume of business and individual to the service package on logistical and logistics-related tasks will be adjusted along the value chain. Sure to find the right partner is not always easy. There are various specialists on the market, the best all understand their craft, but who is just right for your project?



The professional profile of a logistics company is very diverse. The actual activity does not take place behind the desk, but also middle of the action. A Logistic must be flexible and indecisive joyful and sometimes can act spontaneously. Tentative and unsafe behavior is cumbersome and out of place in this profession. Frequently it comes to valuable cargo that must be transported from one place to another competent and extremely professional. When it comes to complications, immediate decisions are necessary, otherwise there will probably be costly.

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Freight Exchange

Freight Exchange what's that? What can you achieve with a Freight Exchange? Meanwhile, already include freight exchanges of everyday life for trucking companies and freight carriers and are not indispensable. If one looks at the definition in Wikipedia the term "freight exchange" itself and freight exchanges will be explained, you get an interesting and detailed descriptions and useful information to make the system understandable. This new type of tendering platform is enjoying great popularity ever since. Orders can be offered quickly and easily on these platforms or even accepted.


You have their transport costs under control?

The transport and logistics industry has become far more sophisticated in the past, and here the focus was mainly on the logistics sector. The transport was largely or only sparsely observed, the tenor was "can go from A to B every". But that is no longer true today. Especially the transport is now the area where the money is lost.


Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The explanation is relatively simple, and all of us have already had something to do with it either directly or indirectly. The people who come into direct contact with SCM are mainly employees in large corporations (such as the automotive industry or the food industry), they are an important part within teams or departments.