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Are you an expert carrier who performs professionally transport by sea freight, rail freight, air freight or truck freight, or a combination of these options? Then you should stay on our side and can be taken up in our contract logistics and transport market. We perform here on carriers who can demonstrate extensive knowledge and skills in this area. Carriers generally work on a freelance basis, as a businessman or entrepreneur with whom a contract of carriage is terminated. All carriers listed here can look back on many years of experience and as a competent partner.

The Commercial Code carriers are divided into actual carrier and subsequent carrier. Bottom line, this fact indicates that the carriers are jointly and severally liable. Therefore, a high degree of professionalism is required. A good education and appropriate further skills are self For you as a carrier of these matters are, of course, and in the first place is the competence and the know-how. In our contract transport and logistics market is expected the carriers who can demonstrate the properties listed, so do you.

You are a good partner who is not only with words and deeds, but also a large amount of initiative and motivation to the side. Transportation of goods and commodities, especially when it comes to specific goods for which special considerations, which require a lot of knowledge and good planning. Be carrier who provides its services available in our contract market are transport and logistics, expert and in joint collaboration with you to find goods and commodities, as of themselves, their way. The whole process is structured from "A" to "Z" and professionally edited by you and carried out.