The staff is also not what it was! Do you know the saying? But that should not apply to you, because in our contract logistics and transport market you will find plenty of offers and requests for jobs in different categories.

Whether you are a company that is looking for good employees and has awarded a vacancy or you are a freight forwarder, a commercial force with expertise in the transport trade, or even a truck driver with knowledge in handling heavy loads. But also storage professionals, general office workers, carriers, sales or consulting. In our contract market you can find everything!

Around the transportation and logistics, it is important that companies, freight forwarders, logistics companies and societies, but also shipping companies consist of a team of highly skilled and trained staff. Good organization, planning and implementation of a sophisticated transport on different routes, whether sea freight, whether air freight, truck freight or rail freight, require expertise and special skills. It should have knowledge of the import and export be present, including customs formalities and documents processing. But also insurance policies and the use of these should be familiar.

There are lots of job offers and requests for the transport and logistics sector. Good, reliable truck drivers, especially for heavy transport and other features, for a camp where organizational skills and orderliness are necessary, but also a comprehensive consultancy is an advantage. In our contract market for transport and logistics should present either your skills or your business, you are looking for good employees. Here you reach a large mass in a short time and with little effort. Take your chance now, then the staff again what it was!

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