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Exhibitions and events are on the agenda today. Annually in many cities held several fairs, not to mention the numerous events throughout. These events recorded per event and exhibition millions of visitors. This is, of course, depends on how big the events or what is on offer. Everyone has visited in his life been a fair and / or an event. Comfortable can wander across the miles, many stalls offer samples, concerts with beer stalls and sausage stalls, just the whole program.


On measuring products and services are offered, so that the population know this, try to taste it. At a trade show, there are usually a event for professionals, specifically interested in products from a specific area. There are established or existing contacts maintained. A trade show is primarily the promotion, virtually a large advertising space.


When an event is large-scale events, such as large parties (Techno Parade, Love Parade, Christopher Street Day, Schlagermove, concerts, festivals, celebrations, circus, fairs, festivals, neighborhood festivals, Oktoberfest, outdoor concerts, etc.). An event is an entertainment, seeks to promote emotions that make people happy. Here a competent organizational skills are required. It must be set up booths, stands and stages. Car organized, decorated and built. For such events, certain permits are required. Events take place both indoors and outdoors. This of course requires different organizational patterns.

Exhibition and Event Logistics

But hardly anyone makes think about how the events are organized, such as the stalls, products, stages, stands and all accompanying materials, go to the location. Who is responsible for transportation? Who cares about the building? For example, where is all the empties? How many people and companies are involved?

A big event or exhibition with many visitors requested from the organizer a lot of patience, clarity and peace. That is why it is so important that logistics is run by someone who has long been active in this industry. There are numerous companies that operate either in the event or in the field of exhibition logistics. There usually are larger companies that deal very knowledgeable and experienced with the whole process. However, you will find now many companies that have specialized in both events. In these companies, you will find well-organized partners, which consist of a team of employees, where everyone knows what to do. There sits every move!

The offer usually includes a total package. Conception of, transport, customs clearance, and even a support during the exhibition or event So that is handled by a company virtually everything. Exhibition and event transportation is offered not only in Germany but also in Europe already.

Take over the company

• transportation planning,
• Summary of the stand construction, advertising,
• Picking of promotional materials,
• Provide for example, forklifts, hoists and cranes (if required)
• Delivery and erection of barricades or fences,
• Interim storage of products and promotional materials,
• Furniture, distribution and installation,
• Storage options of stands and furnishing materials
• Customs documentation and customs clearance,
• Insurance for the transport and the exhibition itself,
• often a personal service,
• empty storage and disposal,
• Cleaning, maintenance and repairs of the exhibition goods.
• At concerts, transport and insurance of stage decoration and stage equipment.
• Some logistics companies additionally offer even carry passengers.
• Also, some companies take over the transport and the entire processing of insurance and everything that goes with it for showrooms.

This allows operators to focus entirely on the visitors and the whole process. This is a good quality and efficient solution is of course accepted with pleasure.

Many event agencies, align and organize the events of this type, working very closely with logistics companies, so that a smooth process is guaranteed. The organization of fairs and events is extensive and requires a lot of patience, a very strong organizational skills and good employees. In logistics, technical knowledge is required, relating to transportation. Extensive knowledge of customs, especially when it comes to food or other dutiable products. Only a good logistics company manages an event or trade show to trade successfully.

Important are not only preparing for an event or exhibition, or transport and all administrative matters that need to be settled. Also important are the mining and repatriation of all materials. By an experienced logistics operator, these points are offered with course. An important point in this process is of course the deadlines. Punctuality and reliability are essential aspects that should see a reputable logistics company for granted. Nothing would be worse than that of the construction of stalls, stages and stalls delayed because the logistics later. A concert, exhibition or other event is timed to the minute, and it is imperative that the schedule is adhered to.

In the field of exhibition and event logistics is omitted for quality assurance reasons, to the employees of subcontractors. As a wise man once said: "Too many cooks spoil the broth" The more companies are involved in the organization and logistics of an event or a trade show, the more problems in terms of meeting deadlines and the sequence can occur. It is truly better and that the past has also shown that logistics remains in one hand! Then run smoothly without complications is almost always guaranteed.

A company that specializes in trade show and event logistics, is a company of a very special kind Those who have already made, and made a good name, standing for quality, absolute deadlines, for a complication-free and smooth process for fair price and good conditions.

Organizers and agencies must be able to rely on logistics companies that take on an event or a trade show one hundred percent. But this has proven itself. The good cooperation through a wide range, in which all processes are included, it is ensured that events and exhibitions remain a pleasure. People who attend such events can also enjoy it in the future. Maybe worth a first look behind the scenes to see, to feel what's behind it to hold an event or a trade show going. The work of logistics companies for trade shows and events deserve special attention and appreciation, because it puts a tremendous amount of work and a particularly strong organizational skills behind such a company!


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