Exhibition and Event Logistics

Fairs and events play an increasingly important role in today's time. Economists were offering even a few years ago not the same opinion. The trade in e-commerce provided the fairs before a big test. E-commerce plays an increasing number of companies worldwide play an important role in product marketing and product expulsion. Fairs and events are lively events and arouse emotions! This property can not provide on this scale e-commerce. Here is the personal contact with potential business partners, the experience and information exchange in the foreground. A company's image is a result of not sleeping more and more competitors in focus. More and more products and services are almost identical in their characteristics. The consequence, is an aggressive advertising that is received by the receiver only fleetingly. Here, in order to preserve a unique feature, try companies with interactive and experience-oriented communication to generate a world of experience.
It is even more important today to have handled the trade show by an experienced logistics provider offers everything from A to Z and controlled to avoid unnecessary risks and additional interfaces.
Due to the ever increasing numbers of trade shows and events, the construction and dismantling periods are more closely defined, so that a "just in time" delivery of the equipment needed for the construction must be given. The exhibition stand builders and logisticians must work hand in hand to ensure that the materials needed to build the stand in the correct order and at the right time to arrive at the fair point and can be processed. To the end of the event the vehicle equipment must be ready to ensure an immediate reduction. For this reason it is essential that a project specialist in the logistics service provider is permanently on site.

Exhibition Services at a glance:

- Timely and safe transportation coordinator to the venue
- Ongoing monitoring and status reporting of shipments
- Exhibition of CMR waybills, customs documents
- Standing central project around the clock
- Continuous monitoring and communication interface
- Provision of technical equipment (forklifts, lifting equipment, scissor lifts, cranes, etc.)
- Workers to assist with the setting up and dismantling
- Storage before / after the exhibition of consumer goods and of empties and full containers
- Insurance advice (comprehensive package) for highly sensitive and valuable goods
- Personal support and project support on the exhibition site
- Calculation and budget control
- Standing by vehicle equipment for transport in the degradation


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