Air freight Textiles offers

To transport by air Textile therefore requires an organizational skill and expertise because it is mostly this is fashion that is seasonal. It must be initiated sometimes a short transport by air. In our contract market can be found, as a manufacturer and distributor of textiles, freight forwarders and logistics companies who know this area well and has long been active in this market.

Through a cost-effective production of textiles in both Asian and North African countries, the coverage of these areas is by air Textile to carry cargo, is of utmost importance. If you are a company looking for support, then you are right with us. Because here you will find contacts who act competently and professionally handle your request promptly. Due to the extensive network of production and sales markets on different continents in the textile industry a reliable and well-structured textile transport is a priority. In keeping with the season opener of a certain fashion and season, the clothes in the shops must be in stock. Since a long time-consuming transport is not suitable.

In our contract market, firms, companies, freight forwarders and logistics companies that have in your inventory appropriate packaging boxes of all sizes, enabling a protective transport of textiles present. Without taking damage or being extremely wrinkled, the textiles reach its recipient. These special boxes are equipped with hanging rails and weather resistant devices, so that a high level of protection for your laundry is guaranteed. Choose a partner from here, who will assist you with a good, all covering the offer aside.