Air freight offers flowers

Are you a flower wholesalers and are looking for a good logician or a good airline, focusing on the transport of flowers by air? Then you are in our contract market right place, because here are listed companies and trucking companies who are experts in this field. Flowers have an urgency, because they wither quickly, must be fresh and moist transported. Drought and heat can destroy flowers quickly. Therefore, the transport of flowers by air takes a lot of organizational skills, quick action is required, and a great expertise.

Especially in winter, you want as florist fresh flowers from various countries for your trade to continue to offer your clients more exotic and beautiful flowers and plants. There is special attention within the transport required because the flowers do not tolerate frost. Did you know for example, that only 24 hours elapse between picking on the plantation in Africa to arrive in Germany? Because of urgency. The flowers need special care in packaging, quickly the plane and the fastest way to do business to the dealer. Since air cargo is of course the most effective way to transport flowers, because thanks to the air freight there is a permanent and lasting connection to the international markets worldwide. The world is of extreme importance for the economy.

About our contract market, you are guaranteed to find your partner in flowers by air freight. The professionals listed here can help you make appropriate offers that include a complete service. Here you are on the right track!