Air Freight Art Objects offers

To transport art objects by air freight, it already requires a great deal of experience in dealing with objects of art, experience in insurance matters, customs clearance, packing, conscientiousness and organizational skills. If you are an art dealer and want your objects of art cargo transported by air, then you are right in our contract market, because here you will find trucking companies, logistics companies and companies that embody exactly the properties that are listed above. Only experts are needed in this area. It is, after all objects of art to be extremely valuable cargo. The high and must be insured and properly handling requires enormous care.

Objects of art may possibly also act to large images with exceptional moderation. For this you need special packaging to protect the goods very well, and is especially suitable. Only freight forwarders and logistics companies that are active in this area for years, have appropriate transport crates or packaging. With us you will meet contacts who are well versed and you can make specific offers.

A special attention in the transport of works of art by air is the customs formalities. Because we pay special expertise is required. Only insiders know this scene, which are needed for customs documents and must be submitted. As an art dealer, you can access one of these professionals listed here but you. You are here in the right hands and can rely on this company guaranteed. Our contract market is the right place when it comes to the transport of works of art by air!