Contract market transport and logistics

Of calls for long-term transport and logistics contracts we are with the contract market transportation and logistics with our complete service to the side, as with all other services related to the transport and logistics industry to create a successful collaboration between client and service.

Freight and Transportation: We bring together customers and transport companies

With "Transport BBHandel" it is now very easy and convenient to find long-term freight transport orders or a construction company or - conversely - to successfully market as a transport company free capacity. And Europe and the world! Because "transportation BBHandel" is the new special contract logistics market on the internet, bringing together clients and contractors specifically.

Guarantors of success are the multilingualism of all inquiries and offers that makes language and cross-border attention for one month now and already well over 60,000 site visits from industry and business prospects. To the available languages in addition to German and English listing includes Polish, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian.

Regardless of whether it comes to rail freight, trucking freight, air freight or sea freight: "Transport BBHandel" also offers you many advantages in order processing around the transportation, you should not miss. Learn more about it in "The offer at a glance"!

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Pharmaceutical transportation SW10058

Loading point: Germany D-04 Unloading: France F-44

Contract SW10002

Loading point: Germany D28 Unloading: France FR-44

Truck transportation SW10065

Loading point: 87 Horsens DK Unloading: D 85 Dachau

Truck freight SW10038

Loading point: Germany D-91 Unloading: France FR-59

Truck transportation SW10082

Loading point: Fri 62 Arras Unloading: Milano IT 20

Air freight SW10037

Place of loading: Thailand Bangkok Unloading: Germany / Mannheim

Pharmaceutical transportation SW10056

Loading point: Germany D-04 Unloading: Belgium B-89

Truck freight SW10030

Loading point: NL Antwerp Unloading: PL 41 Chorzow


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